Between a Hard Rock and a Place.

December 4, 2008


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Well, as the shake-up continues, so does the ever-dynamic continuum that is life.  It is easier to write about tangible goings on in regards to health because you can write about them fairly subjectively, at least foundationally.  When life throws just the normal confusion at you though, it is hard to process or write about while standing in it.

The things that we have been working through involve planning for the future, and how intense thought processes can be when you have to take so many things into account.  

About a week before officially launching the silver business, we were overcome with concern about how we would cope if health stuff came up again.  Running a business can be stressful anyway, and to have to rely on it when there are so many variables was really becoming a stress in itself.  I cannot explain the torment of making this decision, and would not make for exciting reading anyway, but a week ago we decided to keep the business as a part-time thing, while I look for an employer to look after me.  We are both now so relieved at this decision, and the excitement is building rapidly with the prospects of being looked after in a job.

Not to go into detail just at the moment, but having to process things like superannuation forms, death benefits, life insurance, income protection, trauma cover etc. has been difficult for us.  I know people have different to these things, but when you have to make decisions in light of a diagnosis, it is difficult to not get emotionally exhausted.  We have been at the point of not being able to open the files of paperwork – it is just too much. 

Apart from these decisions and others, we generally look to the future with optimism.   We are really thankful for the people around us, the roof over our head, the food in our tummies and a God who promises control, regardless of the apparent chaos. 

Now, it is summer in Perth and the reminder that this year has permission to end in a few weeks.  As nominal as the changing of a date can be, I am actually really thankful there is a way of recognising that a year is over, and a new year is not a bad time for a new beginning.

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