Between a Hard Rock and a Place.

Cam Harris

I currently live in Perth, Western Australia, with my amazing wife Elizabeth.  I am 34 years young and I think I will remain restless for the rest of my life.  I am not really sure what I want to do when I grow up, but for now I am involved in education, silversmithing and making documentaries.  

I am husband to a wife, brother to two sisters, and son to two parents.  God plays a lead role in my life, although I love stealing the limelight most of the time.  I struggle to live with as much integrity as I would like, but try to be honest about it.  I enjoy talking about beliefs, culture, faith, education, music and anything that helps me understand other people.

I am 191cm tall, have slender legs and currently very short hair, if not shaved.  I grew up as the skinniest kid in the country it seemed, and I always thought I was built that way for a purpose – perhaps to one day be able to squeeze through a narrow gate to unlock a door on a burning building, setting everyone free who was trapped inside.  That particular scenario never happened, and now it is unlikely to as my body has difficulty negotiating an open gate.  

I do not play sport, follow sport, or eat tomato.  

I was born in Perth (Western Australia) grew up in Albany (WA), lived in the USA with my family when I was 15, back to Albany, then back to Perth to study education, then spent the next 3 years following 7 summers before moving to the Perth Hills to try and settle down. Now I live in Perth city again, and am loving it.  The more I live here the happier I am.  The more I live anywhere, the happier I am.

I have serious problems with sin, bad architecture, cancer, religiosity, slow drivers on my street, people who don’t communicate properly, certain aspects of Australian culture and people who repeat themselves people who repeat themselves.

I enjoy putting effort into making things better, when it suits me.  I also know my capacity to be indifferent or to let things go to ruin.

I have had a wonderful upbringing with incredible opportunities and experiences.  I have been constantly in the presence of amazing people who are my friends and family.  My wife Elizabeth (Libs, Libby) has shown me more love, care and understanding than I could ever hoped for from a wife.  It has been quite a task at times.

I believe in life after death, and am looking forward to eternity.  It is the crossing over that I am not too fond of and the grief that is associated with it.  ‘Hope’ is paramount for me at the moment and I value it more with every day that passes.  There are so many things to enjoy in this life, it would be a shame not to squeeze it for all its worth.


Cam Harris

July 2008


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