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August 10, 2008

Hazy Perceptions

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Having the Olympics on at the moment in China, I am completely gobsmacked as to how naive sporting and news commentators have been in their comments regarding the pollution.  There is no doubt that there is a significant pollution problem. I think the only place that you don’t see haze in the coverage is during the underwater shots in the pool.

So we are seeing a lot of evidence on TV at the moment of ‘China’s pollution problem’.  Bollocks.  Chances are that something you wear, eat, drive, watch, listen to, play or throw out is made in China.  It is your pollution bucko.  It is my pollution.  

It was interesting to see the response of the athletes getting off the planes in Beijing with face masks on because the air was so bad, or the health concerns from team doctors about how this could be damaging to the Olympic competitors.  It seems the world now has been confronted en masse to the reality and normality of the millions of people living in greater Asia affected.  Of course it is unhealthy.  Of course it kills people.  Of course it is getting worse.  But it hasn’t seemed to be that much of a deal until representatives from all over the world have to breath it, see it, taste it.  

But we can all rest easy. I am fairly certain that two weeks after the Olympics are over, it will return to being not much of a big deal again.

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